Southfield High School Switches to New Warrior Logos

SHS Alumnus Designs New Logos

Southfield High School alumnus Todd Pearl said he designed the Warrior mascot to be confident and strong.

Todd Pearl

Southfield High School alumnus Todd Pearl said he designed the Warrior mascot to be “confident and strong.”

Since 1951, Southfield High School has been the home of the Blue Jays, but with the upcoming merger with Southfield-Lathrup, the school has adopted a new mascot – the Warriors – and hired an artist to design new Warrior logos.

The designs were created by 1976 Southfield High School bicentennial graduate Todd Pearl, who is a Clawson resident and the creative director of his own graphic design company.
One version of the new logo is a block “S” with a warrior’s spear piercing it on an angle. It includes the new school name of Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology, or Southfield A&T.
Other versions of the logo feature a warrior’s head in a metal visor. “I wanted the mascot to be confident and strong,” Pearl said.
As for the school’s name logo, “I designed the logo to be seen as very established, traditional, and collegiate.”
“I absolutely love the new logo,” said Principal Sonia Jackson. “I love that it will have different colors, and that it will symbolize what the school is about in that strength, and I love that it looks very collegiate.”

Pearl said, “I am honored that I could create the new visual identity for SHS A&T, giving the students, the teachers, the community a brand a mascot they can be proud of for years to come.”

Pearl studied at the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit. His other Detroit-area clients include National Coney Island and Magna International. He is married to his Southfield High School crush, Lisa Wasserman, who also graduated with him from SHS in 1976.