Southfield A&T Students Scout Scholarships


Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology is hosting its 2019 MACRAO Sanctioned College Fair. It takes place on Thursday, October 10th. It is open to anyone that would like to attend. Students will have an opportunity to interact and gain information from more than sixty participating colleges, organizations, and training programs. It’s not too early for freshmen and sophomores to explore opportunities in their field of interest. Students can benefit tips for applying, advice on career paths or majors, other alternatives and scholarship information. The best part about the job fair is that its free!

In charge of the MACRO sanctioned college fair is Mrs. David from the Career Center. She is offering the students of Southfield A&T, that are interested in applying to college or who have other alternatives a chance to relieve help with the college application process. Every week there will be different colleges coming to speak to the students about their current high school year and what they should start doing to prepare for early admission. In another room there will also be a meeting for FAFSA. 

“This is a college career fair. This is not where you interview for a job, it’s where you get an education that will lead to a job.  Mrs. David, in charge of the fair, said, “For instance, we do have University of Michigan present and all kinds of programs that you can study to get you employed. But we also have things like Douglas Aveda Institute, they do hair, make-up, and nails so you might want to go their certification program to get certified. After you complete the program of your interest you could be working within eighteen months. We also have a carpenters union, Kelly Services and so many more. Some students may not be going to college right after high school but into the work environment. Kelly Services heirs part-time or temporary people, and that’s a good way for students to gain experience in different areas. It’s also helpful because the students might not know where they want to work, but Kelly Services can put you in different positions so you can get experience.”

Macro is a professional nonprofit organization that is committed to following four values. They are coming to “provide a high level of professional development opportunities for its members, provide assistance to its membership by helping to develop best practices in providing services and developing policies, to collaborate with the state and other educational organizations to further the advancement of higher education in the state of Michigan, and to provide opportunities, through meetings and events to educate members and exchange ideas.”

 Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology had a great turn out of  colleges, parents, and students. The students were able to access the information for applying, advice on career paths or majors, other alternatives, and scholarship information. This event also influenced many seniors to start applying early in the application process.  This event also encouraged other students to start considering which path they would like to take during their last year in high school and after college. Join us next year for our 2020 college fair!