Freshman Tailgate Brings Class of 2023 Together


 The Southfield A&T Link Crew is putting together a tailgate for the class of 2023 on Thursday, September 26th. This is to make the freshmen feel welcomed and get a feel of the school. The tailgate is located here at school and there is NO cost. There will be free food including hot dogs, chips, and drinks. You can expect fun activities, games, and lots of socializing with new people. A football game will also take place at the tailgate! Just remember to bring your student ID and school spirit!

   Tailgates originated in Virginia, 1861, where people partied right before their home game. They usually have alcoholic beverages and grilled foods, but in this case, our school grilled hot dogs and had pop, water, and gatorade instead of alcohol. But did you know that tailgates occur on vehicles? Yes, the actual tailgate is the back of a vehicle where the foods and beverages would sit on. This years tailgate did not include a vehicle, however. Tailgates are to be fun and to raise your spirits before any sports game or concert. The class of 2023 enjoyed their tailgate by the looks of it! So just have fun, enjoy the music, and make new friends at your next tailgate!         

After speaking with some of our Warrior freshmen and Link Crew leaders, I could tell that this tailgate was a great start off of the new school year! According to Link Leader Ashamoye Mullings, she gave the tailgate “a good 7 out of 10”. She also said that the best part of the event was getting free food. I mean, free food does give that kind of effect. Freshman Maguette Ndiaye said she’d gotten the chance to make new friends. This is great considering that was the goal of the tailgate. When asked how the tailgate could be improved next time, Maguette said, “maybe have different games”.                                                

Overall, the tailgate seemed like a success in terms of class of 2023 getting to know each other. Everyone danced, enjoyed the food, and some even enjoyed the games. They all came together at the end to support our freshmen football players. We lost at the end, (0-27) but that doesn’t mean this was all for nothing. This event left the freshmen with great “first year of high school” memories! 

To conclude, this tailgate gave freshmen of Southfield A&T the opportunity to bond and get to know each other. Freshmen in the past didn’t really get opportunities like this, so it was great to see everyone smiling and having a great time with one another. Even though the Warriors lost the game, they still left with new friendships! Maybe next time you hear about a tailgate, you too will want to make new friends, enjoy the music, and enjoy fun activities!