High Schoolers Get College Ready


Do you love school trips but haven’t found the right college yet? Well, Ms. Mary David is the person you need.  She hosts college trips at Southfield A&T and allows high schoolers to expand their college plan and tour schools that might interest them.

At Southfield A&T, students have the opportunity to go to multiple colleges to get a sense of college life. During college trips, students tour dorm rooms, enjoy healthy and homemade college food, and learn about the history behind each college. These college tours are great for students at Southfield A&T who are ready for college or just simply want to see what all the buzz is about for college.

Ms. Mary David, the Career Center Director, hosts these college tours and encourages juniors and seniors to participate.  Mrs. David said, “I really feel like if your are deciding on a college, you need to be on that campus to get a feel for it.   She added, “Not every college is right for every person, but I just feel like it should be apart of that exploration.”  

 She also stated,  “I want them [students] to feel like they can do it  [attend college] if they want to and that if they want to go a different route, they can, but I’d like them to at least explore it“

There are still upcoming college trips that are available for Southfield A&T students to attend and meetings with college representatives. There are so many opportunities to attend a trip or hear about a college, so make sure that you come on down to the Career Center and sign up!