Teenage Workers Face Challenges 


        Teenage workers are important to the success of major businesses across the world. The great migration occurred during the 1800s which led to a massive increase in the workforce in the United States of America. Over time teens eventually began to work to earn income.  

        Now, fast forward to modern times, teenagers are the overwhelming majority of employees who make up the workforce. Consequently, through the years, teenage employees have seen an increased number of issues arise while attempting to balance school  and work life. 

     Southfield High School A&T´s own Kayla Irving is an example of the current dynamic in your average teenage worker. Kayla is 17 years old and recently entered the workforce. Also, Kayla is a top tier student at Southfield High School A&T and excels in many ways but stated, “Working and attending school can be challenging because I have to work harder to balance life now.”

      Outside of the financial aspect, there are other advantages to working a job as a teenager. For example, a teenager can get real life work experience which benefits them long term. Also, teenagers learn they have to be at work on time and do the job correctly, or, they could face the consequences. In addition, teens could also build relationships with their co-workers which may help create a network for future employment. 

      Being overworked is a common problem among teenage workers. Many teenagers claim that the workload is too hard and too stressful to manage. Even someone such as Kayla Irving who excels in all areas in her life, struggles to manage the workload while also being underpaid. As a result, many teenagers quit within the first month of working. Teenagers in the modern day are willing to shoulder major issues just to meet certain financial goals. Even though there are a few benefits which include earning an income and increased networking, teenager workers continue to face many challenges.