Students Defeat Staff in Basketball

For the first time in seven years, the student team defeated the staff team 61-48 in Southfield High School’s annual basketball game.

The student team was coached by Jay Sports Editor Justin Black and seniors Jalen Banks and Stormeigh Mattison. It was comprised of a dozen seniors, none of whom are on the varsity basketball teams. High scorer for the student team was senior James Sorrell, with five three-pointers, for a total of 15 points.

Kameron Green posted 13 points, and Robert McFarlin and John Clowney each scored nine points.

The staff team was coached by social studies teacher Jamie Glinz, who also played in the game. The staff team included assistant principals Scott Tocco and Vernon Burden, as well as a number of classroom teachers such as math teacher Stephen Sharp, science teacher Jennifer Bargardi, and history teachers Andrew Green and David Raether, along with a handful of coaches.

On behalf of the staff team, Glinz scored two three-pointers to boost the staff score.

The students had the lead the entire game, and when it was obvious the staff team could not catch up (with one minute left and 10 points down) Glinz pulled the plug on the time clock. The student team swarmed the clock and demanded it be plugged in again to finish the game, which it was.

Green said, “We were slept on, and they told us to bring it, and we did.”

The halftime show featured two promposals and a dance performance. Player James Sorrell proposed to Jariaun Thomas, and Matthew Macon proposed to Jasmine Johnson.

During the game, the play got a little rough and senior Kyron Smith of the student team accidentally ripped the shorts off of staff team player Julian McKinney, who is an assistant basketball coach. McKinney was good-natured about the shorts and quickly pulled on a second pair and returned to the game.

The halftime dance performance featured seniors Dennis Brown and Marlon Carter, who danced to “Panda” by Desiigner.

At the end of the game, the students rushed the gym floor to raise their trophy in celebration.