Boys Basketball, Building for the Future


     Basketball season is back at Southfield! After an offseason of hard work and adjustment, the boys basketball team began their season on December 11th. Unfortunately, they began the new campaign with a loss to Southfield Christian.

     The Warriors have since slumped to an 0-3 start. Despite the slow start, Power Forward Devin Baldwin believed with some work, the team will improve. “We can improve in all aspects” is what he said to our reporter Klark O’Neil. “If we keep playing harder, practicing harder, the more we go the better we’ll be”. “I think we’re strongest down low, we’re bigger than other teams”.  This Southfield A&T Squad is young and has room to improve.

     There are plenty of fresh faces in the squad, who need time to get used to playing together. However, despite the dismal start, there are positives about the first few games. However, the team should be able to improve for the future.  If everything goes well, Warrior fans should have a lot to look forward to.