Staff Wins Again in Annual Basketball Showdown

Students vs Staff

For the sixth year in a row, the staff members defeated the students in the annual Students Vs. Staff Basketball Game, with a score of 48-47.
Senior Taylor Weaver was the first to score in the game, putting up a fast three points. But the staff edged ahead, thanks to two 3-pointers by social studies teacher Jamie Glinz.
Leading the student team in scoring were seniors Justice Lyons with 20 points and Charles Harris with 15.
New to the staff team this year was Physics teacher Bailey Gamble, science teacher Jennifer Bargardi and English student teacher Eric Lorber.
Senior Devin Davis said it was exciting to play in the game. “Me and my boys should have won,” he said.
Senior Tiffany Anderson said that she enjoyed the game and that listening to the music during the event was “so much fun.”