A Modern Garden Sprouts into a Classroom


A Modern Garden sprouts into a Classroom
By: Sydnee Spight & Angel Pickett
     In September, our science classes set out on a mission to modernize our school’s garden.  Mrs. Wardell-Stone was introduced to the Big Green Non-Profit Organization.

     The Big Green was very fascinated in our district and they wanted to give us the resources to have a sustainable garden on ours school grounds. “Research shows that students need alternative spaces and places to learn material.” says Mrs. Wardell-Stone.  Having this modern classroom can play an immense role in what students are learning in their classes.

     Not only will it provide planting and harvesting of fresh vegetables, but art classes can come out to sketch, foreign language classes can come out to label the various crops, and English classes can gain inspiration for writing poetry. This list goes on and on, giving numerous ways for students to learn.

     Since it’s fall, it’s only fall crops are growing with include: kale, spinach, beets, and radishes. We all have one question that has been on our minds, “What will they do with the harvest?” There are rumors that students students may create smoothies. 

     Mrs. Wardell Stone added,  “We have to look at what’s available to be harvested after October 11th.  The teachers and I thought about taste tests smoothies, and since we have two different types of lettuce, depending on the growth, we could do a big salad”  During the spring, we will see a new variation of crops.  We might even see strawberries.  We’ll have to just wait and see!