High Schoolers Take Trips To College


A big big thank you!

It’s that time of the year for seniors to start buckling down and deciding where they want to go to college in 2020. If you go to Southfield A&T you should know that they are very invested in trying to get their students to college. Mrs. Mary David has been organizing field trips for students so they can get to experience the campus first hand.  When asked about the admissions offices at different colleges, Mrs. David said, “Believe it or not, every college is different, there are a lot of things that are the same, however. It really is a process.” Going no these field trips as a junior or senior helps you narrow down your options as to where you want to spend those 4 years. Of course, you have to take into consideration tuition costs, what classes you can take there, and most importantly, if you can meet the criteria for getting into your school of choice.. Being on campus, getting the feel of the area, seeing if you can see yourself taking classes there or/and staying on campus, are good first steps. During these trips, Southfield A&T students get to walk all over the campus to see where they would be living, learning, and eating on the campus grounds. They also receive  a tour of important landmarks at the colleges.

Mrs. Mary David has been generous enough to agree to an interview as I ask her a few questions about how she plans the trips:

Who do you contact so that students have an opportunity to visit colleges?

“Networking. I have created different relationships and networks through university representatives. Good connection helps these extra things happen and these colleges want you guys on campus because they really want you guys to choose to go to that school,”

Do you contact the administration office to organize these visits?

“Usually, it is the admissions office…. It’s just a matter of getting ahold of the right person.”

How can students find out about these trips?

“I hope the tv production can get up and running again because I feel like those announcements by video really help spread the information. I also have a little table outside of my room with all the information on it.”

If you are interested in going on these field trips you can go and see Mrs. Mary David in the old O house cafeteria because that is the new location for the career center.