School Store, Snacks Galore


Have you ever been hungry in class and you were craving a snack? Well the school store has a variety of snacks that will satisfy your hunger. Charley James stated, “I really enjoy going to the school store because they have all the snacks I like.” The school store will open on Monday, September 30th, 2019. The store will be open during 4th-6th hour but not 7th hour lunch.  

SHSA&T eleventh grade student Jasmine Reese, who is a regular customer commented,  “The school store is very nice and convenient for the students but some of the prices are slightly higher this year.  It’s not as many snacks this year but it’s still pretty cool to have the SHSA&T school store incase you’re hungry. Alson, they have a lot of school spirit clothing that you can purchase.”   In conclusion the school store is a useful part of our school and we as students should take advantage of this opportunity.