Blue Jay Cafe to Reopen as Warrior Cafe


Sydnee Spight

Senior Marcus Rutledge dices carrots for his culinary arts class. Students are required to wear hair nets to keep hair out of the food.

The popular Blue Jay Cafe that has been a hotspot for staff to eat lunch will no longer have the Blue Jay banner. Due to the merge of the two high schools – Southfield High and Southfield-Lathrup – the cafe will now operate under the name Warrior Cafe.

“The culinary arts students really didn’t vote on the name change,” said Alice Moss, culinary arts teacher and staff manager of the the Cafe. ” They heard the Cafe needed a new name and the Warrior Cafe is what they agreed on,” Moss said.

The Cafe will operate a little differently this year,” Moss said. “Last yer all my students in every hour helped out with cooking the food, but because of the block schedule, third and fourth hours will be cooking up most of the food (this year).

Culinary Arts student Alaris Wiggins, who is a junior, said she was one of the students who helped rename the Cafe and said she is satisfied with the new name.

Moss said that she and her students might develop some new menu items this year to go along with the new Cafe name but at press time they had not yet revised their menu.

Moss said soups this year will be $3, salads $4, beverages $1 and desserts $2.

The Cafe is scheduled to open in late October, according to Moss, who said she expects to name two student managers.

“We look forward to serving new customers,” Moss said.

Junior Kyra Watts-Jackson mashes potatoes for her culinary arts class.
Sydnee Spight
Junior Kyra Watts-Jackson mashes potatoes for her culinary arts class.