The Blue Zone Student Section Breeds School Spirit


Rachel Walker

Crowd control: Exuberant fan Mackenzie Riggins, a junior (foreground, clapping) cheers on the Blue Jays from her seat in the Blue Zone student section.

Back again this year by popular demand is the Blue Zone student section at sporting events.
The Blue Zone is a student section located at the far end of the bleachers, whether it is at a football game, basketball game, or another sporting event.
Cheerleaders Alicia Buford and Mariah McMillan encourage students who sit in the Blue Zone to wear school colors and have spirit. They should also be prepared to have Silly String sprayed on their shoulders or to get bonked in the head by a friendly beach ball passed between fans.
The Blue Zone was organized this year by junior Jayla Stevens, who is captain of the volleyball team, and other spirited students. “I wanted to show support for my school,” Stevens said.
The Blue Zone was inspired by the Izzone at Michigan State University basketball games. The Izzone was named after popular MSU Basketball Coach Tom Izzo in 1995. Students line up to be a part of the 4,000 Izzone members who sit in specific sections of the Breslin Center during basketball games to cheer on the team and give a home court advantage with their support.
The Blue Zone does not yet have 4,000 members, said Southfield Student Congress co-sponsor Jamie Glinz. He estimates it has 75 to 100 fans. “It’s a start,” Glinz said. “They need more chants and cheers to say. “