Biology Students Learn by Dissecting Pigs


Ariel Walker

Students in the Biology classes of Craig Bonnington dissected fetal pigs to learn about anatomy.

Wearing goggles and gloves, Biology students dissected pigs recently to learn more about anatomy.

“The pig dissection was to enforce the structure of the human body,” said Biology teacher Craig Bonnington, who used grant money from to purchase the pigs.

“I felt sorry for the pig,” said sophomore Gabrielle McGee, who was among the dissection students.

Sophomore Tatianna Tolbert was more enthusiastic: “It was really cool and interesting,” Tolbert said. “I learned something new about pigs.”

Squeamish students did not have to touch the pig if they did not wish to do so, Bonnington said. Instead, they could watch from their seats and complete related worksheets.

Those who wanted to dissect wore latex gloves and protective googles during the two-day project.

It was the school’s second dissection this year; in February students dissected pig hearts to learn more about anatomy.