Secret Sweethearts from the Warrior’s Den will capture your heart


     Don’t know what to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, or bestfriend? Don’t you want something nice, simple, and inexpensive?

     Luckily, the Warrior’s Den is where you can purchase a Secret Sweetheart Gift Bundle. The gift baskets are filled with many treats and gifts that can impress whoever you are giving it to, for such an affordable price. So there are three bundles choose.

     First, there is the Secret Sweetheart Bundle which is $10.00 for a LED rose, chocolates, a small bear, a Valentine’s Day card, in a large gift bag with valentine tissue. Second, there is the Secret Bae Bundle which is $8.00.  It contains a small bear, a Valentine’s card, chocolates, in small gift bag with valentine tissue. Last but not least, the Secret Admirer Bundle which is $5.00, also contains a small bear, chocolates, and a Valentine’s Day Card.