Girls Basketball Ends as League Champs


Zaire Marthrel

Senior Stormeigh Mattison ended her career with the Lady Jays as a league champ.

The Girls Varsity Basketball team had only two losses this season and ended undefeated in the league.
Senior Stormeigh Mattison said she was happy to be league champs but did not like losing the district championship game against rival school Southfield-Lathrup 56-28.
The game was 18-15, with Southfield-Lathtup up at halftime. “We played a tough first half, but we didn’t adjust to their man-to-man pressure second half,” said Coach Jamie Glinz. Mattison was taken out of the game in the third quarter with a concussion.
The team’s only other loss in the season was to Lathrup, which was not in their league.