Improved Graphics Make Mortal Kombat X More Fun

Video Game Review


Katherine Nealy

Junior Mark Carroll, Jr., is an video gamer.

The new Mortal Kombat X video game is finally here, and with better and more graphics.
Mortal Kombat X video game was released on April 14. This game is rated “M” for mature and is for the consoles PS4, and Xbox one. The game cost $60 and can be found at any gaming store or retail store, such as Walmart or Target.
The Kombat bonus pack will cost an additional $30 , which is worth it for die-hard gamers.
If you order this game online, you will be able to fight as Goro. The Kombat pack includes two characters that you can choose to fight with, such as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and the predator on the new Mortal Kombat X.
Players start their adventure as Johnny Cage. The mission is to help Sony Blade get to a hidden cave that will have the power to destroy the world. Players have to get there to support the god of lighting, known as Raiden. But throughout the series players will have to fight their way through the game in order to save the world instead of it becoming a blood bath.
The whole objective is to stop Shinock, a man that has been locked away by the gods and is ready to destroy earth and posses anybody that is against him.
The details and colorful graphics that Mortal Kombat delivers accentuate the violence and could be disturbing to some players. But if you like gory fatalities, there is some amazing brutality to go along with it.
Me personally, I enjoy this game not because of the abundant blood and how detailed it is, but simply because of the graphics and how realistic it is.
On a 10-point scale, I rate this video game an 8.5 because of its background and it’s ability to have amazing combos.
If this appeals to you, too, join in Mortal Kombat X and finish off Shinock!