Seniors Prepare for Prom

Prom season is officially here, and seniors are getting ready as May 27th approaches. That’s the date for Southfield High’s prom, which will be held this year in downtown Detroit at the fabulous Roostertail, on the Detroit River.
Some seniors are planning on arriving in limousines with a special someone, while others are planning a lovely time with friends. But none of that matters because the purpose of prom is to have a wonderful, memorable time.
Senior Alexis Mills says, “I am looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up because it’s our last senior moment together. After prom, I plan on going to a hotel and hanging out with my friends.” She also said she plan to wear a cream, champagne and black dress.
Counselor and Senior Class Sponsor Carol Johnson says that with the location on the water, it will make the night more elegant and magical and complement the theme “Once Upon A Time,” which is a fairy tale theme.
Senior Taylor Weaver says, “ I am so excited for prom! I am going to wear a long-sleeved lace dress, and I have a date, but he doesn’t go to our school.”
Seniors Kyra McGhee and Aaron Turner plan to attend prom together and arrive in a Mercedes Benz. Turner says, “ I am wearing a gray tux, which compliments Kyra’s gold and silver mermaid dress”
And what will the night hold for Turner and McGhee? Turner says, “I look forward to dancing and spending time with Kyra and making beautiful memories with her. After prom I plan on taking this lovely lady out to dinner.”
Prom this year starts at 7 p.m., but people don’t usually get there on time, said senior Katherine Nealy.
Students are not allowed to enter after 9:30 p.m and the event ends at midnight.
Senior Symone Studavent went to Southfield’s prom last year with her alumnus boyfriend, Devontae Alfred. She says the experience was amazing, and although she went through everything once before, she is excited for her own prom.