Senior Raises Eyebrows With Eyelash Bling

Rhinestone Eyelashes Draw Attention


Ciah Green

Senior Kalab Baker turned heads by wearing rhinestone eyelashes to school.

All eyes were on senior Kaleb Baker today when she came to school in rhinestone-studded false eyelashes.

Baker was required to wear them to a weekend hip hop dance competition and said, “I was very tired from the dance competition, so I just decided to leave them on for today.”

The long black lashes have a row of 15 white rhinestones at the base of each lash. Fifteen rhinestones edge each eye like eyeliner.

Baker said she bought the lashes from Danse D’Amour Dance Studio in Oak Park for $6.50.

The response to her glittery eyes has been so positive that Baker said she might wear the glamorous eye bling to prom on May 27.

Admiring senior Calvin Graves said, “It was shocking. I am not used to people having rhinestones on their eyes.”

Rhinestone lashes have been popularized by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, who have worn them while performing on stage.

For others who want to try the look, rhinestone lashes are available online for as cheap at $5.75 for one set of Dasha Glitter eyelashes from or $20 for a 10-pack at