Ho-Ho-No! Early Christmas Carols Wear on Listeners

Has the jingle, jingle, jingle of the “Jingle Bells” song worn out its welcome with you yet?
Choir Director Christopher Kuhn says the Christimas carols seem to start earlier and earlier every year, often wearing out their welcome before Christmas even arrives.
Kuhn says, “Even though I love carols, I would prefer the carols to be played after Thanksgiving.”
But that is just not the case, Kuhn says. The holiday tunes pop up in stores, concerts, and radio stations well before December, he says. Pandora, Grooveshark, and radio station WNIC 100.3-FM play holiday music non stop starting in early November.
WNIC radio has been playing solid holiday music during November and December for the past 15 years, said Cody Trauntley, Promotions Director for the station.
“Yes, I love Christmas carols,” Kuhn says. “They remind us of the season. They make you feel joyful, and there are a lot of carols that I really enjoy.” But he likes them so much better after he has had his turkey fix each year, he says.
But freshman Deniesha Wilson says she , for one, could listen to carols all year long: ”I enjoy holiday music because many songs really tell a story. I just love listening to carols when I am happy. My favorite carols would be “This Christmas” and “Silent Night.”
Christmas carols are supposed to create happiness and joy for the holiday season, but sophomore Tina Conway says, “I don’t enjoy Christmas carols because they are annoying and they remind me of a bad time in my life .”
Business and marketing teacher Erin McBrien said, “Christmas music is played way too early. This year it started the day after Halloween, and I believe it is because the stations try to get people in the stores early so that they can spend their money in the stores, on gifts and Christmas items.”
The strategy must work, said McBrien, or businesses would not use it.