Top Trend: Super-Sized Fall Fashions

As fall rolls around, we’re all looking for the latest trend.
For 2014, it seems the fashion world is taking it back to the basics with a twist;
oversized clothing. From hats, to sweaters, then all the way down to socks everything is bigger!
“Oversized clothing is the hottest trend,” said Tiffany Tarca, sales assistant at Forever 21 at Fairlane shopping center, in Dearborn.
Large purses and other accessories are also popular, according to the website,
An easy way to ride this trend and
incorporate this new fall look in to your uniform is to buy oversized sweaters in
school colors, and throw a collared shirt under them, . At least that’s what Senior Kyra McGhee is
going to do.
McGhee says that the oversized look is super comfy and she won’t let a dress code hold
her back from participating in this hot trend during the windy season.
Senior Miniece Ragin, on the other hand, prefers her snug fall pieces as opposed to the
loose oversized trend, “Oversized isn’t really my thing, I need to feel wrapped tight in my fall
clothes, to really protect me from the wind.”
Whether you’re into it or not there’s no doubt that this look has popped up at some point,
and as they say bigger is better.