Shy Kid Sounds Like Allstate Insurance Man


Lauren Williams

The Voice: Senior Jared Steel reads the morning announcements from the main office. His voice is heard school wide three times per week.

Charda Williams


“Good morning, Southfield!” is a phrase that echoes in the halls most mornings at Southfield High. It has become famous not just for the message, but more so its messenger.

Senior Jared Steel, known as “The voice of Southfield High,” delivers the morning announcements this year and wants to become either a broadcaster or a voice actor.
“His voice reminds me of the Allstate man and Barry White,” says support teacher Judy Comeau. “He enuciates very well, and he has very good diction.”
With that kind of deep voice, he should have great options, English teacher Arica Porter predicts.
“He has an uncommonly deep voice,” says Government teacher Richard Crist. “I’m sure he can do anything when it comes to his voice.”
Steel says his deep voice comes from his father, Carlos Steel, who passed away when he was serving in the military before Jared was born.
The senior says his family members frequently tell him that his voice reminds them of his father.
Steel said he had wanted to do the morning announcements ever since enrolling in high school but wasn’t sure just how to get involved or even whom to ask.
The shy student approached Principal Michael Horn and asked for the announcer’s job. Horn heard the million-dollar voice, and the rest is broadcast history.
Joining Steel at the microphone this year is senior Ariel Walker. They alternate in delivering the announcements.
Now that Steel has the job, he says he feels “like a celebrity” at Southfield High. Teachers ask to meet him. Students want to hear him talk in class, and he likes the new-found fame.
Steel says that his announcing voice is well-known at school, but what people do not know about him is that he can also sing and do impersonations. His best impersonation, he says, is Cleveland off of “The Cleveland show.”
Math teacher Carla Krum says Steel’s distinctive voice has a side benefit. It causes students to pay better attention to the announcements, and that’s a big plus, she says.