‘American Idol’ Contestant Makes Southfield High Feel Proud

Every Wednesday and Thursday around 8 p.m., Twitter and Instagram turn into a watch party. Hundreds of Southfield High students and alumni tune in to FOX TV see their old classmate, friend and bubbly girl from the hallways sing on “American Idol.”

Blue Jays of the present and the past proudly post Malaya Watson’s performances on their personal accounts..

The talented junior has changed Southfield High. People from different ages bond because of her. After her Wednesday night performances, Blue Jays post the number to vote for Watson. They also inform people about the other ways to help vote for the junior to carry on in the nationally televised singing competition.

So far, she has made it to the top 9, and Southfield couldn’t be any more proud. She also was the reason that The Southfield Jay student newspaper was featured for the first time on national TV for its coverage of Watson’s big adventure.

Malaya gives Southfield High something to look forward to. Students and staff are supportive of the long-haired, bespectacled teen. Her vibrant personality and extraordinary voice enhance her performance. She reflects positively on Southfield High, and we are proud to say she’s a Blue Jay.

Even if she does not take first place in American Idol XIII, she is already a winner in our eyes.