Red is the New Black at Southfield A & T

Warm, ruddy and vibrant. All of these words describe the fall color that has been

popping up at the new Southfield A & T high school, where red is the new black.

In September, Southfield-Lathrup High School merged with the

Southfield High campus, which brought their dress code colors together. The new school colors became red, white and blue, and the dress code for the first time allowed students to wear red in the Southfield A & T campus.

Since the merge of colors, there has been a red wave going on.

Senior Cameron Tucker, said,”I feel that it is great incorporating the dominant color from both schools to show unity as one.”

Sonia Jackson, principal of Southfield A & T said she is happy that red is now apart of the dress code because it is her favorite color.

Senior Amanda Rutledge said students from Southfield-Lathrup, where the school colors were red, white and black, have been wearing red all along, so it’s less new to them. “It’s what we’re used to, and it was the best way for us to adjust.”