Movie Review ‘No Good Deed’ Movie Brims With Suspense

“No Good Deed” is a suspenseful movie from start to finish, starring the attractive Idris Elba as Colin Evans, a murderer who escapes from prison.
Lots of fight scenes, a half dozen murders and a dash of romance make this PG-13 flick a must-see.There is quite a bit of tasteful killing (not too gory) and a sexy shower scene, but anyone over the age of 13 would probably enjoy this wonderful movie, which is the talk of the town.
The thriller begins with narcissistic murderer Colin Evans sitting before a council of police and parole officers, asking for an early release from prison.
Before the murderer finishes his unconvincing plea, he is denied early departure from prison. On his way back to his maximum security facility, the enraged fireball takes the guard that is seated in the back of the van with him as a hostage. This starts his murder spree all over again, making for an eye-opening experience for viewers.
Sam Miller, Aimee Lagos, Will Packer, and Lee Clay did a magnificent job of writing, directing and producing this exciting thriller. It’s well worth the $9.
Get your popcorn before the movie starts because you won’t want to leave your seat once it begins.