Principal Brings New Beginnings to SHS A&T 

Principal Brings New Beginnings to SHS A&T 

Principal Jones Brings New Beginnings to SHS A&T 

By: Jada Jones

      Ms. Jones is taking her new principal role as a “new beginning for all of us”, despite Southfield’s past. She doesn’t look at it as a negative,  but she sees it  “as an opportunity to start a new”.   Ms. Jones’ previous position and school was principal of Oak Park High School.   She came to Southfield A & T because she had recently moved to the Southfield community this past April. 

      While attending a restorative practices workshop at Oakland Schools, where some Southfield staff members were in attendance,  they told her about the new principal position that opened up. From there,  she recommended some people,  thought about it,  then decided to apply for the job.

      After being a Warrior for a couple of months now,  Ms. Jones said, “It’s been exciting so far and very busy”.   She plans to have small schools within a big school plus an IB Academy. 

      Ms. Jones says that she likes to win and that winning for her is getting scholarship money so that students can attend colleges of their choice. She wants students to earn college credit and to have exposure to careers and work fields.

     On a personal note,  Ms. Jones was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan on the eastside. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, a master’s degree from Wayne State University, and a second master’s degree from CUAA.  Ms. Jones also has a daughter named Faith who is twenty-one and attends  the University of Miami.      

     In her free time, Mrs.  Jones loves to write.  She has even written and published the poem “Window Seat” in a book titled  The Spirit in the Words.   In her later years, after she retires, Mrs. Jones hopes to continue writing poetry in order to build relationships through language and writing.


Window Seat


Charity Jones

“What I see is a big, strong tree

Who’s relaxed, laid back, and carfree.

I see a tree whose opened arms extend

To offer a helping hand to a friend

“What I see is a big, strong tree

Who provides shade on sunny days,

And a home for birds to nest,

And a place to learn or rest.  

What I see is a big, strong tree

Who’s staring right back at you and me.”

Again, my eyes see sunshine, trees, grass,and fallen leaves.

Visions that narrow minds cannot conceive.