Hall Decorating Contest Heats Up


Rachel Walker

Sophomore members of the Southfield Student Congress Alaris Wiggins and Mya Brooks collaborate on a wall decoration for the hall decorating contest.

To celebrate the 2015 holiday season, National Honor Society (NHS) is hosting a hall decorating contest.

Eight school groups such as the Southfield Student Congress, the Techno Jays robotics team and the Southfield Jay news staff are competing to see who can decorate their hallway the best. Each group is responsible for selecting a theme.

Senior and NHS President Shayla Smith created the contest idea, and the members of NHS loved it, according to NHS co-sponsor Fred Pellerito.

“I’m excited to participate because I’m competitive, and this is a fun way to compete with other organization,” said junior Marcel Toney, a member of NHS.

“I liked the idea because it’s something new and a great bonding activity for each organization and I’m excited to be in a friendly competition with all of the organizations and to see what their ideas are.” said senior Teka Richardson, who’s Vice President of NHS.

The Drama Club, Blue Jay Cafe, Southfield Student Congress, NHS, Techno Jays, Business Professionals of America, Scholars Plus and The Southfield Jay newspaper staff are all of the groups who are participating in the contest.

Each group is assigned a hallway based on where their advisor’s class is located. The host of the event, NHS, will have their decorations set up in upper C house. The Southfield Jay’s decorations will be located in Lower B house, the hallway where Mrs. Hofsess’ class is located. Drama Club is located in Upper D house. Blue Jay Cafe’s decorations will be located in the Blue Jay Cafe. Southfield Student Congress is located in Lower B as well as the South Jay, but in the hallways that the Spanish classes and the B house office are located. Techno Jays will be located in lower D house. BPA is decorating  the MC hallway. Scholars Plus is decorating  the Upper B hall where Mrs. Shuell’s classroom is located.

Some groups are mum about their theme and other groups have publicized their theme. The Drama Club’s theme is The Nightmare before Christmas. SSC’s theme is based on the Disney movie Frozen, said SSC co-sponsor Andrew Green.

NHS’s theme is The Grinch, and the Techno Jays’ theme is Polar Express, which is the title of a popular children’s book about a young boy who travels to the North Pole by train. “If we run out of time it might be the Polaroid Express,” Minnick said.

BPA’s theme is Winter Candy Land..

Many students belong to multiple groups and are helping to decorate multiple hallways. Pellerito asked groups to avoid emphasizing religion unless the emphasis is on all religious groups.

The decorations are expected to be finished on Thursday, December 10, by 3 p.m. and will be judged December 15, Pellerito said.