Broken nose troubles player


By La’Chattie Smith

Features Editor

After breaking her nose in a recent practice, Girls Varsity Basketball player Chelsea Brown now wears a plastic face shield, or mask, when she plays.

Her shield is designed to protect her nose while it heals from a nasal fracture and to prevent further injury.

The clear plastic shield she wears is similar to that worn by former Detroit Piston Richard “Rip” Hamilton., who now plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Brown says, “That’s why I wore a bandaid across my nose for a few days in school – my nose is broken.” It was holding her nose in place, following surgery to repair the injury.

Brown is not letting the injury keep her from finishing the season. Though she was temporarily sidelined, she is now back in the games for the Blue Jays, says her coach, Jamie Glinz. The 5-foot, 4 inch senior is still sporting jersey number 32 for the team,