Thermometer Art Records Scholarship Dollars

Class of 2015 Racks Up the Scholarships


Takiyah Wahhab

Senior Adriana Echols and Counselor Thomas Holliday show off the new scholarship thermometer.

A new poster in the hallway outside of the Counseling Center tracks scholarship money received by Southfield High seniors from the Class of 2015.

The poster is shaped like a thermometer. It records the names of seniors who have worked hard to earn academic scholarships to attend college in the fall.

So far the names on the thermometer includes the following kids: Jordan Spencer, Adriana Echols, Kyrah Gradford-Dye, Akilah Gayton, Coty Knight, Charda Williams, Stephany Peavey, Ariel Walker, Tiffany Harris, Ciah Green and Tarcie Watkins. Watkins raised $150,000 just on her own, Watkins said. Collectively, they have earned $1,000,000 in scholarships.

This new poster was the idea of Counselor Thomas Holliday, who said, “We will soon have another (thermometer) for the athletic team scholarships, and another for the band scholarships.”

Art teacher Douglass Paniccia and his students created the thermometer at Holliday’s request. The themometer’s “temperature” rises with a growing green line as the scholarship dollars pour in.

Each of the three thermometers will have a different goal. The band goal is to earn $2 million in scholarships. So far D’Enlas Head, Lexus Brown, Darren McDonald, Nolan Vinson and Kiara Young have earned band scholarships totaling $320,000 in scholarships.

Senior Daeja Trask said the scholarship thermometer attraction is a fun and encouraging way to push more seniors to apply to school because they would like to be praised for their high school achievements.

Every day the thermometer amount grows larger and larger as more college acceptances come in, Holliday said.

This year appears to be promising for the class of 2015 Blue Jays, Holliday said, because it’s only February and the school has made progress toward its scholarship goals.