Warriors show pride during homecoming


The Southfield A&T Warriors tried their hardest to win the Homecoming game. They practiced day by day, studied the game inside and out. We asked a varsity football player how did he feel about that one point. This football player’s name is Keon Walker, his football number is 52, and this is what he had to say when asked, “How do you think the offense performed?” Keon stated,  “The offense performed pretty good, we got off the field pretty quick because we scored pretty quickly.”  Next, when asked,  “Do you think the defensive backs on the field could  have done better on defense?” Keon stated, “I think they did their best of their ability, they did go against a ranked team and ranked quarterback and receivers.” Lastly, when asked,  “What was the atmosphere in the locker room after the game”. Keon replied, “Very disappointing, and I have to confess, I shed a tear.”