Who Knew Pulling Weeds Could Be Fun?


Shannon Stoudemire

Aasif Allen is a senior at Southfield High School and a member of The Southfield Jay news staff.

I spent a Saturday morning at school recently cleaning up the school grounds with about 100 other student volunteers. Believe it or not, it was actually fun. Yes, fun.

We pulled up weeds in order to plant flowers in the school’s honors courtyard, trimmed shrubs, painted the dug-outs on the baseball and softball fields, raked leaves, and painted the school’s famous block “S” emblem in bright blue on the sidewalk entrances to the school.

Afterwards, we shared hotdogs near the football field before heading home.

Everybody was sporting Southfield High attire, which made us feel more like a community.

It was a pleasant experience to help out the community while enjoying the company of friends. For that reason, April 26 is a Saturday I will remember.

Having students come together to clean up around school is an excellent outlet for gaining community service experience and working as a team to complete a task.

Some students would rather be sleeping or hanging out with friends on a Saturday morning, and cleaning up the school grounds as part of Earth Day would not be their ideal activity.

Volunteering to tidy up around school with friends, however, can be just as enjoyable and fulfilling.

An impressive number of students and staff showed up in the early morning, ready to contribute to serving the community.

Students should seize more opportunities to get out and volunteer in their school community. A task that may not sound very enjoyable can be satisfying if you are working together with friends and having fun while doing so. Even pulling weeds.