Malaya Watson Has Bright Future

Fellow classmate and junior Malaya Watson was eliminated from the TV show ” “American Idol” last month. This could be viewed as a failure, but, of course, it is not. Watson made it all the way to the top eight finalists and will part of the exciting “American Idol” tour this summer.

After getting the exposure from “American Idol,” someone else in the music industry will probably give her a chance that will lead her to fame and fortune.

Other people who make it to the finals but didn’t win it all on these singing shows still become successful. Look at Jennifer Hudson. She went from being knocked off of “American Idol” to become a Grammy winner and selling thousands of records.

Even though Watson’s last performance wasn’t her best, there is no overlooking the talent that she possesses. Out of the other seven finalists, she was the most consistent and her having such a powerful voice at the age of 16 is just a cherry on top.

We also know that on shows such as “American Idol” it all comes down to the viewers at home who vote. You have to appeal to them. It becomes somewhat of a popularity contest.

So what’s next for our school star? A summer concert tour, and then who knows? Whether Watson chooses to pursue her music career or not, we wish her all the best.