Meet the doorman of Southfield High

By Krista Wilson

Staff Writer

grammy daffodil 180Every morning the teachers of Southfield High school are greeted by junior Jason Powell as he courteously opens the door for the staff members. In rain, snow or blustery weather, Powell stands attentively at the door, holding it open for all who enter.

With his hands in his pockets, humble Powell simply says, “I started doing this because I like to help people.”

Powell explains, “The staff members come to the door, struggling with loads of bags, and it’s nice knowing I can make a difference.” He says, “The staff really appreciates it.”

And they do, according to Nancy Lane, secretary in the counseling center, “It’s just fantastic that he thinks about us in the morning. For him to have enough consideration to hold open the door every day, that is a wonderful thing.”

Powell does not operate alone, though. His friend, junior Jay Reid, has accompanied him in the daily act. “It feels like I am doing a good deed every day, and it’s good for teachers to know I’m willing to help them,” Reid says.

The faculty relies on Powell every day because of his impressive attendance this school year. Powell says, “I’ve been doing this since the beginning of the school year, and I come to school every single day except once when I had an excused absence because I was sick.”

Powell’s kindness comes with perks, too. He says that teachers allow him to turn in late assignments occasionally, and grateful staff members have also shown their appreciation by buying Powell lunch. Among the lunch buyers are Lane, fellow secretary Karen Cotton and teachers Patricia Bonnington and Mona Chambers.

Because Powell’s first class is in D-house, which neighbors the entrance the faculty uses, it is convenient for him to open the doors without being late to his first class. Yet, the doorman of Southfield High says, “Even if my first class is not in D-house my senior year, the teachers can count on me to continue to open the door next year.”